6 Helpful Tips to Draft a Good Nursing Dissertation

6 Helpful Tips to Draft a Good Nursing Dissertation

To present a good nursing dissertation is crucial for all students as it showcases their understanding of what they have learned to date. Writing a good nursing dissertation needs a systematic approach. Some nursing dissertation help tips are shared below that you can use for drafting a good dissertation. With these tips, you can finish the nursing dissertation on time while learning many associated aspects. Your tutor would want to see how concisely you have written the dissertation on which you will get grades. Follow the tips shared below and enjoy writing the dissertation while grasping knowledge about the topic without being stressed.

Understand the right nursing dissertation structure:

A good nursing dissertation has to be presented in a coherent and clear structure. You can also take dissertation writing services to get help framing the right structure. But you must complete this step because this is the base of your entire dissertation. It will help you stay focused on the topic, and the reader will also know what and how you have presented the information. If there are some other ground rules that your university follows for the nursing dissertation, then discuss the same with your tutor. 

Compelling nursing dissertation introduction:

As the word suggests, you need to introduce the topic of the dissertation on which you are writing. The introduction of the topic should be interesting and to the point and must be helpful for the readers. You must put the strong points in this section so the readers would want to read further to explore other useful information they probably were unaware of. You can also take the help of dissertation writing services to work on the introduction in a better way.

 A good introduction should be written in an informative way where you record the patient’s identification data. Use a uniform format while working on your nursing dissertation. This means creating some strong points while writing patient identification data that should include the patient’s complete name, time, and date of the report. 

Reviewing the literature :

Another important part of the nursing dissertation is a literature review. It should showcase an in-depth analysis that you have made o the topic. It must also present the knowledge you have earned from the research on the topic. You must also add the notes of the patient’s care that you have done in the last twenty-four hours. Don’t forget the time limit when it comes to checking the patient. Your focus while working on the literature review must be objective. Note down all things you have seen and listened to. Do not write subjective comments or explain your thoughts about the patent’s condition. Also, the very important point you must not forget is to avoid copying the section from fellow students.

Adding nursing dissertation methodology :

In this section, you should talk in detail about your study on the topic. This should cover the sampling, frameworks, ethics, and approvals that were followed. This section must be written in detail, and an explanation for every method that was followed must be provided. Write all things you find important while analyzing the patient’s health when you had a conversation with alternative nurses and doctors. You can frame the sentences with quotation marks to showcase the communication part. Do not add any trivial data but also don’t forget to add helpful information on the patient’s health.

Simplicity should be maintained:

You are writing a dissertation that quite many readers will read. That is why focus on covering useful information and try framing them in simple words. For example, while working with the nurses and doctors taking care of the patient, note down their actions and add only those details associated with the patient’s symptoms. Instead of getting in death on the patient’s anamnesis, use easy language to add details to the nursing dissertation.

Add results and discussion in your writing:

This is the most crucial section of the nursing dissertation, where you must explain all the findings you have done so far. In this section, you must stick to clear information. You can also use tables that will verify the dissertation data. There must also be Standard nurses’ notes that must highlight the findings and issues about the patient. If any kinds of tests are needed, you must indicate the same while embracing a possible identification of the issue the patient is going through. Also, add a short conclusion and discuss the implications and limitations for future research and practice.


Every student practising nursing needs to work on the dissertation; with the nursing dissertation tips shared above, you will be able to blend the information from different sources and add a flair to your writing style to make it unique. A dissertation is a good way to discuss the issues in detail on the topic you are assigned at a theoretical level. Always start your dissertation writing with a fresh mind and when you begin, stay focused. You will experience a difference in your writing quality a lot.

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