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CRM Platforms: Active Campaign or Hubspot Best in 2023

Hubspot is popular among various CRM platforms but still people are looking for the best alternative to do their work best. Due to the high paid services of the hubspot platform it is not found useful for small businesses. So, for them there is another option that is: Active Campaign.

Did you hear about this Active Campaign? What are its features and how does it differ from Hubspot? 

Here in this article we are discussing more about Active campaign and Hubspot.

Let’s start…

Difference Between Hubspot and Active Campaign

Difference Between Hubspot and Active Campaign - Metabuzz360

HubSpot provides a number of hubs for sales, marketing, and customer support teams, Whereas, ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform, largely geared towards email marketers.

HubSpot is a bit more varied product as a result of this variety of capabilities, but you won’t get access to all of them unless you fork over the cash. Instead, the majority choose a single Hub or a bargain package.

Although it doesn’t offer the same kind of suite as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign is still a very good CRM and email marketing tool. In fact, because of its strong automation and comprehensive reporting, it ranked in the top email marketing service.

They both come under excellent sales funnel tools.

The free trial period for ActiveCampaign’s CRM service is limited to 15 days, in contrast to HubSpot’s highly offered free CRM plan. Although ActiveCampaign’s prices start at $39 per month for 1,000 contacts and go fairly quickly from there, there are no additional fees, unlike with HubSpot.

In this article on the top CRM for small business owners, we mention both suppliers. But how do they compare when compared side by side?

Let’s get to work and find out!

What Does HubSpot Do?

What Does HubSpot Do - Metabuzz360

At first glance, HubSpot appears to be involved in every aspect of digital marketing, which can be bewildering.

So allow me to outline the features that their email software platform actually delivers.

The platform’s three main features are as follows:

CRM – Enables you to manage contacts and businesses in their marketing cloud platform.

Marketing – Contains capabilities for standard inbound marketing campaigns as well as email campaigns.

No matter which one you choose to join up for, you will receive the complimentary features offered by the others because they all have a free plan. This makes sense because a business involves the fusion of all three elements.

There are no expensive plans for the fully functional CRM; it is offered as part of every plan for free.

The major 3 types of packages barely overlap one another. The customer service departments are the focus of the service hub.

There is only one plan available, and it isn’t particularly inexpensive. It enables you to provide live chat, a knowledge base, and other helpful support tools.

What ActiveCampaign Doesn’t offer?

What ActiveCampaign Doesn't offer - Metabuzz360

Programmes share many functions, but HubSpot has a few extras that ActiveCampaign doesn’t.

Creation of landing pages and blog posts – On some plans, HubSpot can serve as a content management system.

HubSpot will link the material at the top of your sales funnels to the remainder. To obtain equivalent capabilities with ActiveCampaign, you must use integrations.

Live chat – Depending on your plan, you may be able to provide live chat service to website visitors. Once more, you’ll require integrations to use ActiveCampaign for this.

Features of customer service – The customer service center is really distinctive. You receive a dashboard for chats, chatbots, a knowledge base, and a ticketing system.

Support from ActiveCampaign vs. HubSpot

Let me explain how the support options for the two systems are strikingly similar.

  • ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign - Metabuzz360

After logging in, each screen has a small help bubble in the lower right corner. When you click it, a search box and some suggestions appear:

When you search, the knowledge base will return a list of help articles; selecting one of those will open it in the same side panel. No other pages or tabs are opened.

They have an excellent knowledge base with many well-written articles.

If you visit the contact support page, you can also access live chat and email support.

And lastly, there is a tonne of training content available in the form of manuals, videos, podcasts,and webinars.

  • HubSpot

HubSpot - Metabuzz360

Every page in your account on HubSpot contains a tiny help bubble, just like ActiveCampaign does.

When you click it, a side panel with suggestions for further reading and a search box will appear:

They contain hundreds of articles that are well-written, clear, and include instructions.

The knowledge base articles can typically be used to address problems, which is something HubSpot strongly encourages you to do.

Additionally, you can phone, email support, tweet for assistance. However, there is no live chat.

Last but not least, HubSpot offers a vast selection of marketing lessons and training, even covering social media and ad management.

Which is Best for You Among Active Campaigns & Hubspot ?

Which is Best for You Among Active Campaigns & Hubspot - Metabuzz360

Since there isn’t much distinguishing these two CRMs, choosing the best one might simply need testing them out to discover which interface you prefer. Start a trial of each and take a look around, is what I advise.

Test important features including email templates, pipeline development, workflow automation, and contact management. To make sure they work with the apps you rely on, it’s also worthwhile to investigate both of their app stores.

You really can’t go wrong here if you decide to or consume the cream and cookie separately.

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