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Top 3 Best Browsers for Privacy: Secure Web Browsing

Ever wondered why after making a search, the same product ads appear on your social media pages? This is because every click you make is being tracked by websites, advertisers, and government agencies. In today’s time of high speed internet and easy browsing, secure web browsing is becoming challenging. Despite what these browsers assert, your data is distributed to outside parties. Web browsers with privacy features are the best method to safeguard your data.

Even though a number of browsers are available, Google chrome remains no. 1 choice for majority of people. So here are some of the best browsers for privacy in 2023.

Microsoft Edge:

Best Browser For Privacy - Microsoft Edge


  • Compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows 10
  • Internet surfing in private
  • Built-in Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

After being backtracked in terms of security and privacy, Microsoft launched Microsoft Edge in 2015 which is one of the best browsers for privacy in mac. One of its best features is that no user browsing history or URLs associated with the user are tracked using the information gathered.

Based on Google’s Chromium Project, Edge is the successor to the old Internet Explorer. Edge enables you to submit “Do Not Track” requests and block pop-ups. Although it lags in the update department, it still offers some solid features that help you make browsing easy and secure.

With its limited extension support, the chances to install malware extensions reduces significantly. Although it may be somewhat inconvenient, it undoubtedly benefits.

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Best Browser For Privacy- Puffin Browser


  • Compatible with Windows (10 & above), macOS (11.0 & above), & iOS (8 & above)
  • Stores websites on its cloud
  • Encrypts data

Puffin was launched in 2010 and requires paid subscription to use it ad-free. It might look like a regular browser, but it is one of the most secure browsers for android and it works differently. While travelling between your device and Puffin cloud servers, it maintains your data encrypted.

Albeit it keeps your data secure, privacy can still be an issue. All your data goes to puffin’s cloud systems and gets stored for standard web logs. Although they claim that the data is only for statistical reports, one can never be hundred percent sure. 

Other than that, Puffin is banned by a number of countries, in order to quash freedom of speech. So, if you are in China, UAE, Iran or Qatar, you won’t be able to use it.

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Best Browser For Privacy - Firefox


  • Improved Tracking Protection
  • Firefox Focus for mobile
  • 220 million active users

The only open-source browser is Firefox, and communities have carefully examined and studied its code. It is also one of the best private browsers for pc Despite its decreasing monthly users, its developers are constantly working on improving Tracking Protection. It also blocks social media trackers, cross-site tracking cookies, cryptominers, as well as fingerprinting scripts.

With its impressive collection of security focused add ons, it makes the user experience safer. It is a good idea to have a backup plan in case you need to switch to a different computer. Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux are all supported.

Other than the above listed you can also try Brave, Waterfox, and DuckDuckGo as they provide similar features and offer a secure browsing experience.

With the above listed browsers you can keep your data safe and enjoy your browsing experience without ads popping up randomly. However, one can never be safe enough. For a much better experience you can improvise by following certain tips. They are listed below:

  • Don’t save your passwords: As convenient as it is for you to save your passwords, it also makes it easier for hackers.
  • Disable cookies: Though they are useful, they can be pretty invasive too. These cookies allow you to be tracked across multiple sites and pages.
  • Limit the browsers you use: Limiting the number of browsers you use also limits your data being spread in multifolds.

With the help of these browsers and safety tips it’ll be easy for you to keep your data secure.


We are lucky to have a wide range of browser options. Using a browser like Tor or Brave may be the best option if anonymity and security are important to you. Chrome might be your best option if you’re okay with having your browsing behaviours used to tailor your browsing experience in exchange for the advantages of using a more widely used browser. You are free to choose!

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