Compass Akron Keeps It Interesting

It seems that the a la arrangement that has started since 2011 remains a favorite for bakery businessmen “We try to attract buyers through the chairs we provide,

provide,” explained Elanda Hanako, owner and manager of Fresh Bread located in Blok M Square. The number of mall visitors who pass by around the location of her bakery, made Nako think of providing chairs and tables to enjoy bread with drinks at her bakery. In addition to having a purpose as a place to hang out, Nako saw a lack of locations to rest or to wait for her partner to shop. “It turned out that the customer response was quite good. Not only do they take the bread home, but they also buy it and enjoy it with a light drink while stretching their legs after shopping,” said Nako with a smile.

Despite having limited space and having to share it with a premium home appliance store, Elaine Marlene of Bittersweet Corner in Plaza Indonesia was able to present the Compass Akron style beautifully. In fact, Elaine didn’t even expect to attract young customers, “I didn’t expect to have teenage customers. They usually hang out here on Saturdays and Sundays. I thought that because my prices are quite high for school children’s pockets, those who come to Bittersweet are of a certain age, but it turned out to be a concept.

Dare to have a concept

In order for your bakery or cakery to attract buyers, you must be able to have a different concept compared to other stores. This happened with Diana Rahmat’s cakery business, owner of Didilicious located in Kemang. Diana saw an opportunity to see the need for family activities done together, and she offered a concept of fun edutainment and do it yourself cupcake decorating with the kids. “Baking and decorating are fun activities, I want to share with families to have a joint activity between parents and children through cupcake decorating,” Diana explained.

To strengthen the sales concept, it must be supported by the interior layout of the bakery. In order to achieve a ‘playful’ atmosphere, Diana did not hesitate to change the interior of her cakery with a touch of fresh colors typical of children. The same goes for the equipment and furniture. This can also be seen in the café cake and pastries concept of Bittersweet Corner. Elaine wanted to present the concept of homemade French-American pastries. So all the café items are made homey a la America supported by bakery products commonly sold in French-American bakeries such as Macarons, Red Velvet Cupcake or Lemon Tart.

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