Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Parents, Siblings, Height, Girlfriend, and Other Information About CZN Burak

Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Parents, Siblings, Height, Girlfriend, and Other Information About CZN Burak

Turkish chef, restaurateur, social media influencer, television personality, businessman, and entrepreneur Czn Burak is well-known. He hails from Yaylada. His real name is “Burak zdemir,” and he was born on 24 March 1994. As a chain restaurant operator, social media influencer, television personality, businessman, and entrepreneur from Yaylada, Turkey, Czn is well-known throughout the nation. Czn is well-known throughout the nation for operating the Hatay Civilizations Table (Hatay Medeniyetler Sofras) restaurant franchise.

CZN Burak Biography

Wikipedia states that zdemir opened five locations of his restaurant in various towns and nations, including Taksim, Aksaray, Etiler, Dubai, and Tajikistan. He also has his own Youtube channel and is a well-known figure online.

Over 4.34 million people subscribe to his official YouTube channel. After releasing his images during a hospital check-up in May 2022, he made news in the media. To learn more about Czn Burak’s life story and recent health information, read this article.

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Who is CZN Burak, The Chef?

Czn Burak, a well-known Turkish chef, is renowned for his incredible creations and original recipes. He is well known for producing wonderful dishes in enormous amounts.

In addition to this, he posts videos of himself cooking on his YouTube channel and social media pages.

Turkiye Chef CZN Burak

Additionally, Burak is the proprietor of Hatay Civilizations Table (Hatay Medeniyetler Sofras), a restaurant. Let me tell you that he has five locations for his business. In addition to this, Czn is a well-known online star.

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Biography of Czn Burak (Age, Birthday, and Childhood)

The stories state that Czn was born into a prosperous Muslim household. His actual name at birth is Burak Zdemir. Our investigation indicates that Burak was born in Yaylada, Turkey, on March 24, 1994, a Thursday. He is 28 years of age (as of 2022).

Burak Childhood Picture

In addition, Czn posted pictures of his birthday celebration on social media. According to his Facebook profile, “zdemir” finished high school at Terakki Vakf Okullar.

He then enrolled at The University of Aleppo to continue his degree. At the age of 13, he began working in his father’s restaurant. At a very young age, he made the decision to become a chef.

Bio (Real Name, College, and Education) for CZN Burak

Full Real Name Burak Özdemir.
Famous Name Czn Burak.
Date of Birth March 24, 1994 (Thursday).
Age (as of 2022) 28 years old
Current  Residence Istanbul, Turkey.
Profession Restaurateur, Chef, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator, Television Personality,and Entrepreneur
Net worth USD 8-10 Million (approx.).
Nationality Turkish
Religion Muslim
Ethnicity  Mixed
Zodiac sign Aries
Education Graduate
School/College  The University of Aleppo.Terakki Vakfı Okulları.

Parents and Family of CZN Burak (Ethnicity & Nationality)

We learned that Burak was born into a family of chefs after visiting his official website. On his website, he also disclosed that his grandfather was a skilled cook and maker of kunefe.

His mother stays at home. Along with his siblings and cousins, he grew up in Hatay. He adores spending time with his loved ones.

CZN Burak Family

Other of our fathers, especially the martyrs’ fathers, my father, and all father candidates, are all wished a happy Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of our martyrs first, then to my father, my grandfathers, and everyone else.

Burak Zdemir’s Parents, Sister, & Brother

Father Mr. Özdemir.
Mother Mrs. Özdemir.
Brother Aylin and Ugur
Sister Not known

Wife, Girlfriend, and Affairs of CZN Burak

Zdemir is reportedly dating his partner, according to the reports. He withholds the identity of his sweetheart, though. But there is no information accessible regarding his marital status. According to our investigation, Burak is single. On the internet, people are looking for Czn’s son.

The Checf CZN Burak

Czn himself, however, withholds all information regarding his child. He also cherishes kids. He posted numerous images of children on his Instagram account. Additionally, he gives food to needy children. Details about his romantic life will shortly be updated.

Update on CZN Burak’s Health

The claims state that in May 2022, Burak posted some of his hospital images on social media. People began spreading allegations that Czn Burak has a brain tumour after seeing the images.

Burak Health Update

His hospital images indicate, according to Wikipedia, that he underwent a quick checkup. Burak may or may not have a tumour, although this is uncertain. Furthermore, Czn did not address these rumours directly.

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Burak Zdemir, a Chef and Restaurateur 

Made the decision to open his own restaurant when he was very young. When he was just 13 years old, he also began helping his father run his restaurant.

His first restaurant, Hatay Civilizations Table (Hatay Medeniyetler Sofras), opened in Aksaray, Istanbul, according to his official website.

Burak Zdemir, a Chef and Restaurateur 

Customers adore the food’s flavour and quality. Later, he added two additional Turkish locations. Currently, Czn Burak is the proprietor of 5 Hatay Medeniyetler Sofras locations in Turkey as well as Dubai and Tajikistan.

Numerous well-known athletes and celebrities frequent his eatery as well. Burak also has influence on social media. Zdemir also started a YouTube channel where he posts videos of himself cooking.

CZN Burak’s Net Worth, Home, and Way of Life

From his restaurant business, Czn Burak generates a respectable salary. His YouTube videos also bring in money for him. He is currently enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in Turkey. He mainly travels to Dubai. Czn’s net worth is estimated to be between $8 and $10 million (approx.).

Six Things To Know About CZN Burak

  • The true name of Czn is Burak zdemir.
  • Burak is renowned for producing a lot of food.
  • Zdemir enjoys eating roasted food.
  • His official YouTube channel had 4.34 million subscribers as of May 2022.
  • There have been some reports floating around that Zdemir is blind.
  • More than 34.2 million people follow him on his official Instagram account (as of May 2022).

Is Turkish Chef Burak Ozdemir aka CZN Burak is Blind?

The renowned chef Burak is said to be blind, according to rumours. This rumour may have originated from the peculiar facial expression he makes when facing the camera. He actually adopts a very different gaze while facing the camera. However, this is just a rumor. Burak can totally see and is a brilliant chef. He does, however, prepare food very differently from other celebrities.


Q1. Can you name the smiling chef?

Answer: In the world of cooking, known to enhance our tastebuds, there is one chef turning more and more famous for his smile. Chef Burak Ozdemir from Turkey, a well-named chef who is known for his successful chains or restaurants is also popular for his smiling presence. He is referred to as ‘Smiling Chief’ throughout the world.

Q2. What is CZN Burak net worth?

Answer: Being popular as the smiling chef, CNZ Burak net worth, which is being calculated in 2023, could state $12 million which is Indian ₹99 Crores. With his monthly income consisting of $50K and plus, his annual salary is over $600.

Q3. Name the No.1 chef in India?

Answer: Being an entrepreneur and a well-known television personality, Sanjeev Kapoor is the most famous chef in India for quite a while now. Working for a TV channel, named ‘FoodFood’, Sanjeev Kapoor also known as the first chef who owns a 24-7 lifestyle and food channel.

Q4. Do you know how many restaurants CZN Burak owns and name them?

Answer: Burak owns a successful chain of restaurants consisting of two popular restaurants in the United Arab Emirates named CZN Burak Dubai and CZN Burak Burger. Moreover, he also owns various restaurants in Turkey itself including CZN Burak Taksim, CZN Burak Aksaray, and CZN Burak Etiler.

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