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How to Use Google flights? Know the Answer Here!

Although there are numerous websites and applications devoted to assisting travellers in finding more affordable flights, many of us eventually find ourselves tired. They are using  Google Flights app in 2023 for good reason.

A quick and effective search engine, Google Flights includes almost all airlines and numerous online travel firms. You can easily select a flight that fits your schedule and price range thanks to its robust feature set. There are numerous elements to take into consideration when looking for less expensive flights.


How to Use Google flights - Metabuzz360

Do you have the flexibility to change your travel dates, airport of departure, or airport of arrival? How far ahead should reservations be made? Which is the best day to purchase a ticket?

Generally speaking, your chances of finding a cheap trip increase the more flexible you are with your travel destinations, dates, and airline preferences. Google flights search anywhere is an effective approach to get the least expensive flights for your needs even if you have predetermined criteria for your trip.

Keep in mind that if you are using Google Flights to find cheap flights, it does not offer flight booking. Instead, links to numerous airlines and travel services that can sell you the flight you’ve chosen will be included in the search results.

Here are some pointers on how to use Google Flights. Put them to work to cut the cost of your upcoming holiday.

How to Use Google Flights Explore


How to Use Google Flights Explore - Metabuzz360

Visit Google Explore

See “Where to Find Google Explore,” in the section above, for the four methods to access Google Explore.

Set the Primary Search Criteria

Decide on a starting point. Then, when describing your location, you can be as precise or vague as you like. Leave Where to? address empty.

Select an Area or Nation

Decide on times. Set your dates to be precise or flexible depending on how flexible your schedule is.

Tailor Your Search & Locate Your Results

You can alter a number of search-related settings in Google Explore at two different times, starting with the initial search window. And on the page that displays the results of your ticket search, Google gives you more choices.

Cost of flights

By this time, if your intended destination requires plane travel, you might want to look into possible cost-saving measures. The Google Flights fare calendar is the best resource for discovering the most affordable trip times.

You can quickly see all the travel costs from your starting point to your destination over the course of two months by using the fare calendar.

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Is Google Flights Available for All Airlines?


Is Google Flights Available for All Airlines? - MetaBuzz360

There are some notable exceptions to the rule that almost every major airline is accessible through Google Flights.

The largest airline absent from Google Flights is Southwest Airlines, a well-liked low-cost carrier, but you can access Southwest airfares by installing the Wanderlodge Chrome Browser addon. For years, Allegiant Air was likewise absent, but that has suddenly changed.

Google Flights also doesn’t include many flights from.

Advantages of Google Flights

Google Flights has both perks and cons, but overall, the positives exceed the negatives. The benefits of Google Flights are as follows:

Faster than any other flight search engine, Google Flights can reveal months’ worth of prices in a matter of milliseconds.

  • Google Flights features a straightforward, user-friendly calendar view that displays the least expensive fare for the following 12 months.
  • Multiple airport search: Google Flights enables you to quickly get the best deal between up to 7 origin and 7 destination airports.
  • Map-based search: The Google Flights Explore map displays the cheapest airports to fly into during the dates you’ve chosen.

Disadvantages of Google Flights

There are flaws in Google Flights. Where it falls short is in these areas:

  • Doesn’t always have the best prices: Google Flights looks for airfares offered by airlines themselves as well as a select number of reputable online travel agencies. The greatest prices are frequently discovered on smaller, internet travel providers that Google Flights does not search.
  • Not all airlines are displayed: You’ll also need to check Southwest Airlines’ findings directly with the airline as Google Flights doesn’t show them.
  • Similar to mistaken fares, many only appear on the websites of smaller online travel agencies. They won’t be found by Google Flights.

How to Set Up Notifications for Google Flights

Some people might choose to just purchase a plane ticket rather than searching for affordable award seats, saving their miles for a better deal down the road. Price notifications on Google Flights are useful in that situation. You can monitor flight prices to help you determine when to book. Google will even send you an email when the cost of your ticket decreases!

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