How MDM solution is helpful in the education sector

Are you someone who’s anxious about the daunting task of managing the mobile devices of students and staff? Are you worried about students’ security, safety, privacy, and their exposure to the content present in the digital world? Worry not, gone are the days when you have to manage all this stuff by yourself.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) emerges as an optimal solution to manage numerous mobile devices remotely. It provides a centralized console to enroll devices and manage their configurations, settings, policies, and apps. With MDM, administrators can easily control the devices of students by pushing approved apps, filtering web pages, blocking unnecessary apps, tracking location, and much more. Its incredible features like kiosk mode enable students to stay focused on the lessons by limiting distractions.

How MDM is helpful in education

The feature-enriched MDM solutions like VantageMDM are quite helpful in the education sector as they provide full control of the students’ devices. Some of the features that are useful in educational institutes are discussed below.

Inventory management

The MDM solution assists school administrators to keep track of all the mobile devices used by students and staff members. It provides details of their battery status, installed apps, location, OS version, etc. so that updates can be installed, or the device can be tracked if it gets lost. All this information is available on the centralized console for easy management of the devices.

Focused learning environment

VantageMDM ensures a secure learning environment with the help of its kiosk mode feature which is quite useful in the education sector. It limits the device to one or a set of approved apps so that students cannot access any other functionality or apps of the device to waste their time. Using kiosk mode, instructors can push one app associated with the lecture being delivered so that students remain focused on the concept that the teacher is talking about.

Conducting examinations and quizzes

Apart from this, it is quite useful in conducting examinations and quizzes. The instructor can create a web clip of an exam that appears like any normal app but is actually a bookmark to the exam questions. Using a single app kiosk feature, the exam web clip will be pushed to students’ devices so that they cannot concentrate on assessment and chances of cheating can be minimized.

Content management

With the help of app blocking and internet filtering features provided by VantageMDM, instructors can block apps or URLs with inappropriate content so that it cannot affect the fragile minds of students. The internet filtering options allow the admin to block a specific website or category with unsuitable videos in accordance with the age of students. Moreover, using the MDM solution instructors can push educational games and activities on mobile devices of students which broaden their perspective and develop logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Similarly, it allows admins to block social networking apps and other unnecessary apps on which students usually waste their time and distract from their main objective of learning.

Geofencing and location tracking

Another feature of the MDM solution is quite helpful in ensuring the safety of students, especially during educational trips, sports activities, and recreational visits. It allows administrators to set up a virtual fence by providing coordinates of designated areas so that students stay in a permitted environment.  In case a student crosses that defined area, an alarm would be generated so that support staff or instructors can quickly track him by getting his real-time location.

Security and privacy

Using Vantage MDM, the security and privacy of students can be maintained. It allows administrators to enforce stringent password policies and encryption protocols so that the data of students can be secured and unauthorized users cannot access their devices. Apart from this, access control mechanisms can also be implemented by defining groups so that students can access age-specific content.

Remote troubleshooting

It is another important feature offered by the MDM solution. The devices of students often malfunction as they are not very technical and therefore require IT support frequently. Since IT staff cannot be present at each and every campus, so troubleshooting becomes difficult. To address this issue, Vantage MDM offers remote control and troubleshooting facilities. IT support team can remotely access the device of the student through screen casting options and correct its settings and configurations so that it can function properly.

Considering the ever-increasing cyber threats and novel attack vectors, managing the mobile devices of students has become extremely important. There are several device management solutions available in the market but according to our study and analysis, Vantage MDM is the best available solution that can be used by educational institutes. Its dashboard is quite comprehensive yet easy to use. The administrators can easily use this MDM solution to control the devices of students remotely.

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