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Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Quickly? It’s Time for a Replacement!



Strictly speaking, your cellphone is nothing without a battery.The trustworthy notion that keeping your smartphone’s battery at its best is essential, given how important cell phones have become to daily life. It’s time for a new battery if your iPhone’s life has dropped or it isn’t keeping a charge as well as it once did.


Don’t worry! We are here to immediately dismiss your concern at iPhone repair in Lakeland, FL. Our skilled and pitch-perfect techs are available for instant supplanting your iPhone defective battery with fast turnaround and hassle-free service.


In this post, we’ll let you know how to replace the battery in your iPhone in a complete and step-by-step method so that you can resume your cherished gadget smoothly and back to life for optimal use.    


Compulsory Tools     


The proper tools must be available before you start the battery replacement work. A small Screw, screwdriver, suction vessel, plastic pinch bar, and a pair of pincers are explicitly made and often required for your iPhone model for battery supplant. Also, ensure your desk is neat and well-lit before you start working.  


Backup Your iPhone   


It’s essential to back up your iPhone to avert any possible data loss during the battery replacement method. You can carry it out by using iTunes or iCloud to wirelessly backup from your device while it is hooked up to a computer. Your vital information, images, and settings will all be securely stored owing to this process.


Switch off Your iPhone.      


Once the backup is done, just turn off your iPhone.This step matters for safety and guards against unintentional damage to your cellphone while changing the battery. Presumably, doing such a delicate task needs technical concepts to be successfully and effectively performed, so it would be reasonable if you get help from our professionally skilled geeks at iPhone repair in Lakeland, FL. They would do it at their fingertips to avoid risk and guarantee quality work using premium quality parts with a zero-tolerance approach. 


Detach the Display Part  


It is imperative to take out the display component to reach the battery. Begin by taking out the two screws placed close to the charging slot on the bottom of the iPhone. After using the suction cup, gently remove the display part and carefully detach the display from the device’s body using a plastic pinch bar. Perform it gently and avoid causing harm to any cords or parts. 


Unhook the Battery    


If you lift the display assembly, you will see the battery hookup. The screws holding the metal plate covering the battery connector should be removed using a tiny screw wrench. After removing the vessel, gently pull up the battery connector with a plastic pinch bar or pair of forceps to detach it. Ensure you get the connector up correctly and without using much force. 


 Supplant the Battery 


After removing the old battery, you can now start replacing the new battery. 

Put the fresh battery in place with care, then secure the battery connector. Ensure it is firmly in place before reattaching the metal plate and fastening the screws.


Put Your iPhone Together


Once the new battery has been mounted, it’s time to assemble your iPhone. Position the display part first, then carefully press it back into position. Make sure that each clasp is firmly attached. Finally, to secure the display component, reinstall the two pins near the charging slot. 


Power on and Check   


Turn up your iPhone now that everything has been put back together to ensure everything works smoothly. Verify that the battery is getting power and monitor its operation. You’ve adequately replaced the battery in your iPhone if everything works as it should. 




The battery indeed keeps your gadget going. You may securely change the battery in your iPhone and revive its battery life by carefully following these step-by-step instructions. To prevent any damage to the device, stay careful while taking your time. With a new battery installed, you may use your iPhone for longer without worrying about recharging it constantly. 


We have covered you at iPhone repair in Lakeland, FL, to assist you with any issues. Our team of professionals with in-depth technical concepts and practical abilities can perform replacements on the same day. Our pricing is according to your pocket for high-quality replacement with a 100% guarantee.


If you drop by our conveniently located store, the customer support staff will cheerfully help you on any issue and provide utmost care and support. They equally care about your time and device with a passion for serving customers at the best level. 


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