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Halal Approved the ISLAMIC Coin Wallet: Know the Details!

One of the top initiatives in the fields of cryptocurrency and Islamic finance is islami wallet. ISLAMIC COIN, has announced the first cryptocurrency wallet with exclusive features for Halal food.

This eagerly awaited cryptocurrency wallet was launched following trials and tests to verify its security and usability as the second-largest project on the ISLAMICOIN roadmap, promising further advancements and innovations.

Now, Let’s talk about ISLAMIC wallet & understand its working.

What is Islamic Coin Wallet?

The creators claim that ISLAMIC wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet designed to adhere to Shariah laws and regulations. ISLAMIC COIN, Bitcoin, and other halal cryptocurrencies, such as NFTs, can all be sent, received, and stored.

What is Islamic Coin Wallet - Metabuzz360

Using the most recent technologies, the ISLAMIC wallet mobile app will give you the highest level of security and safety. You must constantly prevent foreigners from accessing your secret phrase and email, though. Users may propose the addition of an unlisted token if it is deemed a Halal project, but ISLAMIwallet will forbid the installation of any custom token.

Let’s discuss about the Islamic Coin Prices for better understanding

Islamic Coin Prices

ISLAMIC wallet will launch with version zero as the counting begins at zero and that the first index is always Zero. Any projects powered by ISLAMICOIN will also be held by ISLAMIC wallet. Users will have a single location to browse through all projects and take advantage of all the tools enabled by the application.

Islamic Coin Prices - Metabuzz360

ISLAMICOIN today’s price is US$0.0003966, with a 24-hour trading volume of $414,926. In the last 24 hours it increased by +1.71% & also in comparison to 7-day it is $0.000431. ISLAMI has a max supply of 20 B.

​​With a live market cap of not available, the current CoinMarketCap ranking is #3025. There is no accessible circulating supply and a maximum supply of 20,000,000,000 ISLAMI coins.

Features offered by Islamic Wallet

ISLAMIC wallet offers a variety of unique features and services. Two of the most popular services will be offered, including the recovery wallet, which is exclusive to ISLAMIwallet and not available anywhere else in the world.

Examine the optional functionality of the service, which will ask the user to choose a recovery wallet while locking his tokens. First, all Halal tokens on the Polygon proof-of-stake chain will be supported by the ISLAMIC token to have access to this feature. The recovery wallet could be used by a friend or family member.

Because Haqq and Ethereum are compatible, developers can create apps on the latter platform utilising the latter’s code base and toolkit without having to rewrite the smart contracts that already function on the former or on other Ethereum-compatible networks.

Haqq can communicate with other IBC-compatible networks.

Steps to Connect the ISLAMIC Wallet With Haqq Network

  1.  Launch the MetaMask wallet in your browser and, if necessary, unlock it. If you don’t already have MetaMask, you can get it here.
  2.  Click this button to add “Haqq Network” to the MetaMask:
  3. Include Haqq network
  4. Manually add the network: metamask-instruction

The Haqq network was added successfully in the end!

How to Buy ISLAMIC Coins?

The list of cryptocurrencies that can be utilised on the Binance platform is constantly being updated by Binance. You can use the detailed instructions below to buy ISLAMICOIN, which isn’t presently available on Binance. It will demonstrate how to buy ISLAMIC COIN using your Binance account to purchase the base currency while linking your cryptocurrency wallet to a decentralised exchange.

How to Buy ISLAMIC Coins - Metabuzz360

  • Get yourself a TrustWallet wallet.

Within the Polygon/Matic network, there are a number of crypto wallets to select from, and TrustWallet seems to be the best integrated.

  • Set up your Trust Wallet

Using the wallet’s Chrome extension or the mobile app you downloaded, register your account and configure the cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet’s support page can be a useful resource. Keep your seed phrase private and write down the address of your wallet.

  • Purchase Matic as your starting currency.

You can buy the Matic after setting up your wallet by logging into your Binance account and going to the Buy & Sell Crypto page. If you have never used Binance before, you may read our How to Buy Matic tutorial to learn how to sign up and purchase your first cryptocurrency.

  • Select a decentralised marketplace (DEX)

You need to confirm that the exchange supports the wallet you chose previously. For instance, you can go to 1 inch to complete the transaction if you utilise the TrustWallet wallet.

  • Set up Your Wallet

Use your wallet address to link your TrustWallet wallet to the DEX that you want to use.

  • Exchange Your Matic for the Currency You Desire

Choose your Matic as the method of payment and ISLAMIC COIN as the currency you wish to purchase.

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