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Keeping Your Phone Away from Water | Fundamental iPhone Water Damage Repair Tips


One of the most common problems that iPhone users face, which has the potential to be devastating, is water damage. Unplanned spills, startling precipitation showers, or even a flashing dunk in water can unleash devastation on your dearest gadget. Do not panic, iPhone Repair in Surry, BC experts have got you covered to provide top-notch solutions.


Notwithstanding, with legitimate counteraction measures and ideal fix activities, you can protect your iPhone from water harm and, now and again, salvage it, assuming that a mishap happens. In this comprehensive blog, we’ll talk about effective ways to keep your iPhone safe from water damage and show you how to fix it if water does get in.


Part 1: Prevention Is Key:


  1. Use A Waterproof Case 

Invest in a high-quality waterproof case to provide an additional layer of protection for your iPhone. Waterproof cases are intended to keep water out while keeping up with usefulness, permitting you to utilize your gadget effortlessly in wet conditions.

  • Be Aware of Water Openness:

Keep your iPhone out of water. Keep it out of pools, sinks, bathtubs, and other moist places. Always store your iPhone in a dry and secure location and exercise caution when it is wet or humid.

  • Avoid The Risky Environments:

The damages caused by water are more likely to occur in some specific environments. It’s advisable to avoid taking your precious devices to the beach, water parks, or other places where they might get wet and you have an unpleasant experience. The best defense against water damage is prevention.


Part 2: How To Remove Your iPhone From Water After Being In It:

  • Act Quickly:

Act quickly if your iPhone has been submerged in water. Eliminate it from the water source right away, taking into consideration not pressing any buttons or shaking the gadget. The better your chances of avoiding severe damage are, the faster you act.

  • Shutdown the Device:

To shutdown your phone, press the “Power” button.Press and hold the “Power” button to power off the Gadget Choices exchange. In the window of the dialog, tap “Power Off.” The gadget will close down. 


Switching off your phone and not trying to charge will save it from short-circuiting or any further damage as we are well aware of the fact that water and electricity cannot go together.

  • Dry The Outside:

Dry your iPhone’s exterior gently with a towel or soft, absorbent cloth. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the device or vigorously rub it, as doing so could force water deeper into it.

  • Take Out The Case And SIM Card:

Take out the SIM card plate and eliminate any defensive case from your iPhone. This facilitates the drying process by allowing air to circulate.

  • Stay Away From Intensity Sources:

Despite prevalent thinking, utilizing heat sources like hair dryers, stoves, or microwaves to dry your iPhone isn’t suggested. Internal components may sustain additional damage from excessive heat. Utilize natural air drying methods instead.


Part 3: Tips For iPhones Water Damage Repair:

You can keep your phone safe and protect it from water damage with proper care and maintenance.


  1.  Allows for air drying: 

Your iPhone should be placed in a dry, well-ventilated location. In a perfect world, position it with the charging port looking lower to empower water waste. Permit it to air dry for somewhere around 48 hours before endeavoring to control it.

  • Packets of rice or silica gel:

You can add silica gel packets or uncooked rice to a sealed bag or container to give your iPhone an additional drying boost. These substances aid in the device’s moisture absorption. In any case, remember that this technique isn’t secure, and air drying is as yet vital.

  • Test and Evaluate:

Check your device for any signs of water damage after it has dried. Search for markers, for example, a non-responsive touch screen, twisted sound, or whimsical behavior. Move on to the next step if you find any issues.


Seek Assistance From A Professional:


It is best to consult a professional repair service at iPhone Repair in Surry, BC  if your iPhone fails to function appropriately or shows persistent signs of water damage. Water-damaged iPhones can be diagnosed and repaired with our expertise and specialized equipment.


Summing Up: 


Our specialized techs at the iPhone repair in Surry, BC, have significant experience and information to serve you with fast repair services and will restore your phone once again to working condition. We professionally repair your device with the most recent tools and equipment without sacrificing quality.

If you come into our store with complete confidence, you can rest assured that we will never fail to fix your phone. You will undoubtedly experience new pleasure and charm if you get our services.


When contrasted with the market, our costs are reasonable. Likewise, we are committed to the whole client’s fulfillment. Customer care and value are our foremost priorities. Our staff would be more than happier to meet and assist you.


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