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RGB or CMYK : Must Know Which is the Better One

Knowing the distinction between RGB and CMYK color modes is necessary if you’re a designer.

That entails more than simply understanding the letters’ meanings, they’re mostly colors. Because it also involves understanding which one is most appropriate for your project. One color space is always preferable to the other depending on where and how the final product is shown.

The RGB and CMYK color modes, as well as their functions and optimal applications, will be discussed.

What Makes RGB and CMYK Different from One Another?

What Makes RGB and CMYK Different from One Another - Metabuzz360

In graphic design, there are two different ways to blend colors: RGB and CMYK. For rapid reference, print items should be created in the CMYK color mode and should use the RGB color mode for digital work. But in order to completely optimize your design, you must know how these color work.

What is RGB?

Digital images are created in the Red, Green, and Blue color space. If your design is intended to be viewed on any type of screen, use the RGB color mode.

Any color you need can be made by combining different amounts of red, green, and blue light from a light source within a gadget. This process of layering red, green, and blue light to brighten and create the ideal pigment.

All colors start out as black darkness. Pure white is produced when red, green, and blue light are combined at equal intensities.

Designers can alter any of the three source colors to adjust characteristics like saturation, vibrancy, and shading. The designer can alter how light appears on the screen to produce the desired color.

How Many Colors Are In RGB?

How Many Colors Are In RGB - Metabuzz360

The RGB model uses 8 bits each, from 0 to 23 for green, red & blue colors. Each color’s value ranges from 0 to 255. It converts into millions of colors approx 16777216 colors precisely.

Let’s have a look on CMYK colors

What is CMYK?

What is CMYK - Metabuzz360

The color space used for printed products is CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black).

Each layer of ink gradually gets less the initial brightness of each color, which is initially white, to produce the desired color. Pure black is produced when all colors are combined.

How Many Colors Does CMYK Include?

CMYK stands for 4 colors that includes: 

  • C for Cyan
  • M for Magenta
  • Y for Yellow
  • K for Black or Key

Which Color Should You Use?

To begin with, CMYK ensures a more accurate reproduction of what you see on screen compared to the final print. There are usually color shifts when you convert RGB files to CMYK for printing on a four-color printer.

Even though these changes are typically slight, they might nevertheless be problematic, especially if your design job involves colors. Similar color changes could be visible if you post a CMYK image to the internet.

Formats and File Types

PNG file format:

  • Supports both the RGB and sRGB color schemes
  • It supports backgrounds with transparency
  • Applies to clothing and all other things

Type of JPEG file:

  • Supports the CMYK, sRGB, and RGB color schemes.
  • Does not support background transparency
  • Background transparency can be used for anything, thus it’s not necessary.

You must utilize a PNG file for any products that you want to have a translucent background, such as clothing. Unfortunately, the CMYK color profile is not supported by PNG. The CMYK color mode’s image may be created to reflect the CMYK color gamut, therefore that’s not a huge issue. In this approach, there will be a small difference between what you see on the screen and what is printed.

When a printing business claims to print in RGB, what they really mean is that they accept files in RGB format. Prior to printing, each picture undergoes the native raster image process (RIP) of the printing device, which converts the PNG file’s RGB color profile to a CMYK color profile.

How to Get Vibrant Print Colors with CMYK?

Unfortunately, the vivid and rich colors you see on your retina screen cannot always be translated into physical objects. First, the most vibrant colors that may be used in print are 100% cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Once more, these colors won’t print as vividly as they do on screen. Compared to CMYK, the RGB color scheme has a far wider range of colors. A backlit screen will also produce a color that is more dazzling than any pigment on a canvas.


You’re now prepared to take on the following step: developing your own line of apparel, accessories, home décor, and other profitable merchandise to add to your eCommerce business. You should utilize RGB for online visuals and CMYK for physical goods now that you know you should.

You can choose from among our 90+ printing partners across the world to see which one best suits your company’s needs. So go ahead and let your imagination run wild while designing the CMYK version of it.

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