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Know the Salt Bae Life Story & Other Details!

Salt Bae is a Turkish butcher, food entertainment & chef. His family has about 300 years of experience in the appetite-suppressing industry. He is one of the most outstanding heirs to his historic Turkish family’s legacy. Despite coming from Turkey.

He is well-known on a global scale. The best chef in Mediterranean cooking is regarded as being him. He combines traditional methods with contemporary ones.

Salt Bae has been the subject of a few scandals, one of which is that he is alleged to have stolen gratuities from his staff. Although this acquisition has been made for almost 20 years, no supporting evidence has been provided. 

Salt Bae Net Worth & Details


Salt Bae Net Worth & Details - Metabuzz360

We are referring to a butcher in this instance.  Many people called him the butcher. He has a $75 million fortune that has been amassed by the renowned Turkish butcher Salt Bae.

The most well-known Turkish butcher Salt Bae is thought to have a net worth of about $75 Million, according to a number of web publications.

According to the most recent Newspaper article, he has over 37 branches in Europe and throughout the world. He has amassed that type of wealth by building an empire of restaurants. More than 197 branches are present.

He relocated to Istanbul, a significant Turkish city, where he made waves in the city’s culinary scene. with a few investors’ assistance. In Turkey itself, he opened more than 40 locations of his restaurant. After making a reputation for himself, he travelled abroad. He is now widely recognised as Salt Bae.

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Salt Bae Early life

Salt Bae Early life - Metabuzz360

Turkish butcher and chef Nusret Gökçe was born in the town of Paşal in the Erzurum Province in 1983. He had to drop out of school at the age of 12 to start assisting his father, a miner, in supporting the family because he was one of five kids in a poor Kurdish household.

He was an apprentice butcher who hoped to one day run his own eatery. He built his first restaurant in Istanbul at the age of 27 after a study trip to Argentina, and he claims it made £4,500 on its opening day. He expanded to Ankara, Dubai, and Doha with funding from Turkish entrepreneur Ferit Sahenk, launching the Nusr-Et network of upscale steakhouses.

How did Salt Bae Get His fame?

How did Salt Bae Get His fame - Metabuzz360

In order to develop his skills as a cook and restaurateur between 2007 and 2010, Gökçe performed unpaid local restaurant employment in a number of nations, including Argentina and the United States. In 2010, he built his first restaurant in Istanbul. The following year, he also opened a restaurant in the United Arab Emirates.

Through a number of popular Internet videos and memes, he gained greater notoriety in January 2017.

In January 2017, a video showing Gökçe sprinkle salt on a stick while letting it slide down his arm went viral, making him well-known. The Turkish butcher earned the moniker Salt Bae thanks to this video, which also caused the hashtag to become popular on Twitter.

Numerous celebrities were drawn to the new internet craze after seeing the video and being entranced by Gökçe’s performance. Less than a month later, in February 2017, Leonardo DiCaprio paid a visit to his restaurant in Dubai, which the chef, by this point having adopted his thirsty moniker, promptly captured on social media.

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Salt Bae in FIFA

Salt Bae in FIFA - Metabuzz360

Gokce was seen on the pitch taking selfies with the Argentinian players and even holding the World Cup trophy. Following the World Cup closing ceremony at Lusail Stadium in Qatar.

Messi in particular appeared to be very displeased with the encounter and the sportsmen attempted to avoid the butcher. Ultimately, the striker was unable to leave without getting his picture taken with Gokce.He violated FIFA rules by holding the trophy, which only are permitted to touch, in addition to distracting the players and the unanswered question of how he entered the pitch.

Education & Professional Career of Salt Bae

Education & Professional Career of Salt Bae - Metabuzz360

According to Salt Bae, Gocke spent the 13 years of his life working as an apprentice for a local butcher in Istanbul’s Kadikoy area and at Turkish steakhouses.

Gocke visited Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009 with the goal of learning about the meat industry on a global scale.

He quickly began making persistent attempts to come to the United States for “meat tourism” and eventually succeeded, albeit for a brief trip. Gocke was able to launch other restaurants in cities including Ankara and Dubai thanks to Sahenk’s investment in the fledgling company.

Interesting facts of Salt Bae

  • In a Narcos episode, Salt Bae made an appearance and served the show’s characters his brand of meat.
  • His beef menu has previously appeared in the New York Times.
  • Gocke received backlash after uploading an Instagram photo of himself posing like the late, infamous Fidel Castro of Cuba.
  • Videos of the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, dining at Gocke’s restaurant in late 2018 sparked controversy.

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