A Famous Indian Magician: Suhani Shah

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A Famous Indian Magician: Suhani Shah - Metabuzz360

A famous Indian magician Suhani Shah was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan on 29 January, 1990. She has been doing magic shows since 1997, also has a famous Youtube channel with the name Suhani Shah. 

She has continuously performed on 1000+ stages. As an author, she also contributed to Visited by the Muse, Your Hospital Bag, and Unleash Your Secret Powers: A collection of poems. It is said that Suhani is the best because she has taught magic tricks on the internet in just a few years.

Suhani Shah - Metabuzz360

You won’t believe how many more skills she has kept secret. She does gain popularity as a mentalist, hypnotist, comedian, and novelist in addition to being a magician.

Suhani has been described in detail, so read on to find out more about this well-known YouTuber.  

Biography of Suhani Shah

Suhani Shah, is well known for her astounding magic performance that will leave audiences in awe. When she was young, she began performing her work properly. It takes a lot of talent and expertise to persuade people that what you did was genuine magic rather than a gimmick.

Biography of Suhani Shah - Metabuzz360

She is the greatest in this case because she has quickly built up her fans on the internet by giving magicians advice on magic. Because everyone in the world enjoys viewing magic, Suhani now has millions of fans. Life has changed significantly for Suhani as a result of her choice to pursue a better opportunity to perform magic rather than a 9 to 5 career.

Name Suhani Shah
Nick Name Suhani, Jadoopari
Date of Birth 29 Jan 1990
Profession Magician
Current Residence Goa
Nationality Indian
Caste Gujarati
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Language Known Hindi & English
Height 5’1” Feet
Weight 55 kg
Hair Color Black
Eyes Color Black
Mother Name Mrs. Shenlata Shah
Father’s Name Chander Kant Shah

Suhani Shah Educational Qualification

Suhani has a differ educational background than other people of her age. When you learn that magician Suhani left school when she was in class 2 to pursue her interest in magic, you won’t believe it.

Suhani Shah Educational Qualification - Metabuzz360

At that time she was only 8 years old. Suhani Shah then completed her studies through homeschooling. She has matured very fast that she believes life experience is a greater teacher or a classroom. She began homeschooling at a young age since she had to travel frequently to advertise herself as a magician.

Family of Suhani Shah

Through her social media channels we came to know that she is extremely close to her mother. From her family she shared an Instagram picture of herself and her younger brother celebrating Raksha Bandhan. Although she hasn’t given his name or where he works, it appears that they get along well.

Let’s discuss some details about Suhani Shah’s career.

Professional life of Suhani Shah

Suhani started working and performing for crowds when she was just 7 years old. In front of Mr. Shankersinh Vinghel performed her debut magic act. 

After that, Shah proceeded to appear in more theater productions. Following that performance, she gave more stage performances on October 22, 1997, at Ahmedabad’s Thakorbhai Desai Hall. Since she was just seven years old, she entered herself as the youngest magician in history and later developed her magic abilities.

Professional life of Suhani Shah - Metabuzz360

From the All Indian Magic Association in addition to a variety of other honors she get the title Jadoopari. In the future, her records for the year 2019 reveals that she has given more than theatrical performances, each of which is separately recorded. 

She then developed her skills by training as illusionist & mentalist. is employed as a hypnotherapist in her own practice, where she places a high priority on fusing psychological techniques with the concept of behavior. 

Net Worth of Suhani Shah

Suhani Shah has a property in Rajasthan and a net worth of over one crore. In Indian rupees, Suhani Shah makes more than 1.20 lakh. Recently, comedian Vipul Goyal and Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar were invited by Suhani Shah.

Another guest on Zoom with Vipul Goyals was Vijay Shekhar. Vipul Goyal is a favorite comedian of Vijay Shekhar as well. Vipul was also instructed by him to send him the show’s videos.

With Suhani Shah’s millions of fans, numerous firms sought to collaborate with her or promote her. Suhani enjoys playing tennis as well. She recently bought a BMW using her recently acquired flying beast.


Q1- What source did Suhani Shah use to learn magic?

When she was five years old, she attended a magic show and was so enthralled by it that she wanted to pursue magic as a career. She gave her first public performance when she was just 7 years old. Suhani dropped out of school in the middle and concentrated on learning magic and developing her skills in order to transform her passion into a career.

Q2- How are minds read by mentalists?

They give the impression that they can read minds by using cunning methods like hypnosis, and reading human behavior.

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