Top 7 Daily Use Apps That You Cannot Live Without

Technology has made our lives super comfortable and convenient. Right from getting daily essentials & food to our doorsteps to commuting intercity & making instant digital micro-payments has become an effortless process. This has happened because there are different utility apps that you can use and get the desired services. We have listed out 7 such utility apps (and we are not talking about extremely common apps like WhatsApp & Facebook!) that you cannot live without, especially if you are based out in metro and tier-1 cities. Check out the list and know if you are missing out on any one of these! 


If you rewind your memory and go back a decade ago, you will remember that intra-city travel was quite difficult, especially in tier-2 cities. Even in metros like Mumbai, we had to hugely depend upon local taxis, buses, and three-wheelers. With Ola being founded and Uber coming to India, intra-city commuting has become an effortless process for everyone based in the country. A person staying in a metro city has to have both the commutation apps or at least one of these. The best part about these apps (especially Ola) is they do not stop innovating; currently, Ola is venturing into e-scooters to make our lives much easier. 


All our midnight food cravings and hunger pangs are sorted, now that we have Swiggy & Zomato in our phones. If you need food delivered to your doorsteps, you will need to depend upon either of the two apps. Apart from the food delivery, you can use these apps to look into the menu of a particular restaurant and book a table at your favorite restaurant (in fact, you can grab great discounts on payments made via the app itself!). Zomato has also started an intercity food delivery option, so it has become very easy to eat your favorite “Pyaz Kachori of Jaipur” from Rawat Mishthan Bhandar of Jaipur in Mumbai (you can go to Legends section to avail of this service). 

Paytm/ GPay/ PhonePe

The Indian government banned high denominations notes in India in 2016, and since then we have seen an extreme upsurge in the usage of digital wallets amongst Indians. The whole dynamics of making payments for small to large purchases has changed in the last few years in the country. Now, even vegetable cart owners and street-side food stalls accept digital cash, which makes it easy to make micro-payments. This means that it has become impossible to live without apps like Paytm, GPay, and PhonePe. Apart from making payments easier, these apps have ventured into other areas like providing short-term loans, flight bookings, applying for IPOs, etc. 


Zepto has become an instant hit amongst the residents of Noida, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, and a few other cities in India. This is so because it does not take time to deliver goods to your doorsteps (you literally get daily essentials delivered right to your doorsteps within 10-15 minutes!). If you need veggies, dairy products, meats, or other essentials, on an urgent notice, then the Zepto app comes in very handy. In fact, Zepto also launches amazing deals on daily essentials delivery, giving discount and offers on every order. 

Prime Video/ Netflix/Hotstar

OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Videos, etc. have bought the culture of binge-watching in India (and these platforms have some amazing shows, so we are not even complaining!). You have to have a subscription for one or all of these OTT apps on your phone. Right from short & interesting series to several seasons’ series are featured on these platforms; all you need to do is select something that you wish to watch, grab a tub of popcorn, and spend your Saturday evening binge-watching the show. If you want to watch live matches, then also platforms like Hotstar comes in very handy. The best part about platforms like Netflix is that they read into your likings & preferences and suggest the shows that you are more likely to enjoy. 


Cred will help you sort your finances, bill payments, and everything related to money! You can be running your own business or you can be a salaried employee, you need this app on your phone. You will just need to register some basic details about yourself on this app, and it will give you the whole history of your ongoing credit cards, your loans, your credit score, etc. It will also inform you about your payment deadlines (your monthly bills, your EMIs, etc.) and help you save money on such payments (if you make payments via the Cred app). Apart from this, Cred can instantly determine your credit score and provide you with instant loans (and at lucrative interest rates!) in emergency situations (like loan for medical emergency)


Listening to music (and a varied genre range) has never been so easy. If you are a music connoisseur, then Spotify will be one of the most used apps on your phone! You can select from a huge range of artists, genres, and music options, on this app. You can also create your own music library and listen to some famous highly engrossing podcasts.  Spotify can also suggest you music, as per your search history and your preferences. 


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