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There are websites where we can currently watch some television channels for free, but in this case we want to share with you a phenomena that is currently sweeping the internet, which is also a website where you can view more than 1000 TV channels for free.

This website, called Photocall TV, allows us to view a good number of channels from any device. The key here is to enjoy the material wherever you are, so all we need is a reliable Internet connection to access a wide variety of radio and television stations, all of which are entirely free of charge.

We are confident that more than one of you probably already knows about it. Its use is rather straightforward, and now we’ll look at some of this website’s specifics.

What is


The first thing that you must know is that is a website that feeds on the official broadcasts of each channel.The way in which present the content is simple as groups all the channels in the form of buttons. 

Additionally, the name of the app alludes to the unique way it displays each icon for the channels it organises. It’s similar to seeing the rear displays that celebrities use at photocalls, which are open-air gatherings.

The nicest thing about is that, unlike many other websites where you may watch free television, you don’t have to download or install any software. Additionally, it includes a list of channels that is continually updated.

What TV channels are there?

On, the vast majority of the channels are of the open variety, meaning that there are no network limitations on their signal or broadcast. You will have the following channels among others:

  • Channels of generalist type: are the ones that the Iberian Peninsula listens to; among the most popular are La 1 and 2, Telecinco, and others.
  • International channels offer a wide range of transmissions from nations on practically every continent.
  • DTT channels or open signals are well-liked and have a sizable following.
  • The regional channels with TAI certification represent Spain’s many regions. Then, guess. 
  • All are accessible through the local channels on, which are many but small in number. There may be a TV channel in every city.
  • There are a number of other stations you can watch, the state government channel, and the parliament and government events channel in Spain.

How does work? 


Although the process is very straightforward, we will outline it for you based on the gadget you use:

It is as easy as opening the browser on your computer or mobile device and typing into the address bar to get started.

If you want to do it on a smart TV, you will need to open the browser that comes with the OS by default and type in 

You will now need to download Web Video Cast, a web browser, in order to use the gadgets that connect the smart tv with the computer or mobile. You can access the list of accessible channels once you’re inside.

You can select to view the live broadcast or other resources when you click on the one you want to view since an interaction menu will be shown. You can select the region in which you are located if the channel is distributed by regions.

After selecting the option you want to view, a new browser tab will open or a black screen will appear. All you have to do to begin the visualisation is click or mark the “play” button. Some networks demand that advertising be run, which is a drawback of this technique.

You won’t have access to HD or Ultra HD channels, but the streaming quality is decent.

How to use Photocall.Tv to listen to the radio

It is also possible, as we mentioned at the beginning, to listen to the radio, but we do not advise it in this instance given that each radio station even has its own application for a mobile device or anything comparable. 

However, if you’re one of those who wants to use this page to listen to the radio, all you have to do is click on these channels and take in the programming:

  • Information as of right now: COPE, Onda Cero, RNE, Rac1…
  • Radio Sevilla, Radio Betis, and Radio Marca all broadcast sports.
  • Dial, Los 40, Rock FM, Play Radio, Melody FM, Ibiza, and other music services

Works almost with every browser


And while we haven’t tested them all, we can confidently state that this website is compatible with all or nearly all browsers. In this way, we can utilise PhotoCal TV on any tablet or mobile device.

Since many of us are accustomed to utilising programmes or websites that send advertisements, using the Mac in our situation is very straightforward and follows the same process as in the past.


Since you are not paying for a service, it is possible for something that is free to fail, and we are unable to hold them accountable for it. As a result, they have a complete right to fail. 

Given your connection apparently, we can claim that the video quality is pretty outstanding and that everything that is shown can be watched without any interruptions. You will be able to view the content more clearly if your connection is faster, but this is true of everything on the Internet today. 

Although occasionally there are cuts to the material on this website, we can claim that they are infrequent in our country owing to fibre.

Many folks who cannot directly access a television or who occasionally need to view a certain programme while you are gone may find having a page of this kind to be incredibly helpful. The reality is that Photocall actually impresses with the range of channels it offers and that it surprises in every way. 

In these situations, we must be mindful of the advertising banners. If we are alert and avoid mistakes, we won’t have any issues. However, we don’t have to run to see the content.

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