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Versatile WhatsApp Text Tricks You Are Required to be Familiar With

There are so many prime platforms that are popular throughout the world. WhatsApp acts as one of the main, portraying as the major source of communication as well as socializing. It has turned into a major part of all the people at every corner of the world, providing versatile features of calls, chat, videos, and a greater chance to connect with anyone disregarding the distance.

There are so many prime platforms that are popular throughout the world. So, it is necessary to be familiar with the aspects acting as Whatsapp text tricks. Whether it is about sending messages in order to stay in touch with long-distance friends or chatting with family, and many more. WhatsApp is being used by all the people in the world, for the purpose of being professional or even personal, it portrays a great source of bridging the gap of communication.

WhatsApp is surely regarded as the most well-known platform for messaging while enabling a ton of features at the user’s fingertips. With so many compelling elements, there are still some aspects that you may not be familiar with. These functions could make your text look more attractive to the one you are sending. So, it is essential to be aware of all the features in order to use WhatsApp or the forms of Whatsapp text tricks effectively.

Going Through the Most Highlighted

Going Through the Most Highlighted - Whatsapp Text tricks - Metabuzz360

Prior to going through the main Whatsapp text trick, let us first look into the aspects. Here are a few considered some of the favorite highlights:

  • The users can utilize the symbol of an asterisk (*) in order to form bullet points in the chat. 
  • The users can utilize the symbol of three tildes (~~~) in order to form the effect of strike-through in the chat. 
  • The users can utilize the format of pressing four spaces buttons in order to form a new paragraph in the chat.
  • The users can utilize the symbol of underscore (_) in order to format a horizontal line in the chat.
  • The users can utilize the symbols of square brackets [] in order to form a footnote in the chat.
  • The users can utilize symbols greater than (>) in order to refer to or quote someone in the chat.
  • The users can utilize the symbol of pipe (|) in order to form a table in the chat.
  • The users can utilize the symbols of backticks (`) in order to form a code block in the chat.
  • The users can utilize the symbol of ampersand (&) in order to form a shortcut in the chat.

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Versatile Fonts of WhatsApp

Versatile Fonts of WhatsApp Text Tricks-Metabuzz360

After going through the main features and highlights of WhatsApp, let us now go through the different categories of font that are being used in this prime platform, through the following points being described below:


With versatile functionalities in fonts as well, all the users can easily convert any format of the text, formatting in italics on WhatsApp effectively. This specific Whatsapp text trick used for formulating WhatsApp font portrays assisting in case you are frequently typing quotes and many other kinds of sayings and essentials on WhatsApp. The users are required to begin typing the symbol of underscore (_) between words for converting the text and making it appear in italics, for instance, typing, “_text_.”


Another necessary tool of formatting the users can conveniently use for demonstrating how anything has been canceled in the chat is the format of strikethrough. Further ahead, using this text WhatsApp style is very convenient for all users. You can put the symbol of the tilde (~) between the words in the moments you are willing to use the Whatsapp text tricks of strikethrough, for instance, typing, “~text~.”


Moving ahead the bold format is like the core of any chat, for using this Whatsapp text tricks of writing, the user consists of the word they feel like making bold with the simple symbol of asterisk (*). It could be added that the format provides you the chance to bold a single word or even a group of words in the chat, for instance typing effectively, “*text*.”

Change Font Size

Next comes the format of changing the size of the font in WhatsApp is relatively convenient as well. As per the functionalities, it is one of the simplest Whatsapp text tricks that is being used in formulating WhatsApp font. The users can simply go through the steps only listed below in order to change the size of the font in the chat.

  • Go to settings  
  • Then select the heading for Chats 
  • You will get to Font Size 
  • After that choose among the options Small/Medium/Large


Lastly, the users are frequently utilizing the options for monospacing as a method for formatting in order to draw attention to a piece of chat. It gets to change or alters the formatting of the characters by simply adding some additional space between the texts. For using this specific Whatsapp text trick, the users are required to type the symbols of three backticks (“‘) between the words they are willing to monospace in the chat.


WhatsApp portraying the most well-known application for messaging with over a billion users from all across the world. It could be easily added that the platform includes its fair share of effective elements or features, there are further a few hidden tricks that many users are often not familiar with. Therefore, it is essential to go through all the tricks for using the application more properly. With some of these WhatsApp text tricks, you can easily work towards making your messages more interesting in the eyes of receivers. Hence, the next time you are sending or forwarding a message, you can utilize these Whatsapp text tricks to make your text more appealing.

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