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Dovi Bezner’s Excellent Services Are Now Online: Island Boys

Dovi Bezner, popularly known as Poker the Jew, works in the entertainment sector as a talented artist manager. He began his career as the Island Boys Manager. Charge of the twin stars TikTok, Fly Soulja and Kodiak Redd.

Multiple musicians approached him after a while, owing to his notoriety and high-quality services. He took his brand online for a few months to expand it. You can now effortlessly book his services for your project online.

Do You Really Need Dovi Bezner?

Do You Really Need Dovi Bezner - Metabuzz360

Beginner artists require the assistance of a professional who is capable of coping with everything around them and efficiently publicising their work. These people are capable of being managers. Managers help a wide range of vocations, including artists, entrepreneurs, agencies, celebrities, and many more. The demand for managers is expanding as the number of talents available on TikTok around the world grows.

Consider the Island Boys’ case. When the Island Boys’ fan base grew to millions, record labels and fellow rappers sought them, making them sudden celebrities. 

Volunteering and Charitable Contributions

Volunteering and Charitable Contributions - Metabuzz360

While Dovi is very focused on his job, he has never forgotten his responsibility to aid those in need. Dovi has volunteered in the Israeli armed forces his entire life. He served in this, and we have mutual regard and confidence. 

Let’s know some details about Dovi Bezner: the manager of Island boys.

Who is Dovi Bezner?

Who is Dovi Bezner - Metabuzz360

Dovi Bezner, popularly known as PokerTheJew, was raised in South Florida after being born to an orthodox Jewish family in upstate New York.  He acquired his education at a private Jewish boarding school, where he learnt many of the hard work ideals that have been so vital to his job today.


Individual Lives

Dovi Bezner Individual Lives - Metabuzz360

The fraternal twins known as The Island Boys go by the names Franky and Alex Venegas. They have Cuban origin and were born on July 16, 2001. The twins revealed in a podcast interview that their mother raised them alone after their father passed away when they were very young. The twins committed crimes like grand theft auto, drug possession, burglary, and robbery as children and were frequently in trouble with the law. At the age of 18, their mother expelled them for misbehaving. One of Flyysoulja’s daughters.


Dovi Bezner Entrepreneurship - Metabuzz360

Mr. Bezner has always had a fascination with the entrepreneur’s way of life. Dovi Bezner made a livelihood as a successful poker player before taking over as manager of the Island Boys. A poker instructor by the name of “Lexo Poker” taught him the game. Dovi was able to create his own schedule with Lexo’s assistance and essentially became his own employer.

Dovi has never liked the thought of working for someone else and has always wanted to keep his freedom. Additionally, he has always been drawn to the entertainment business and views his time spent working with the Island Boys as a wonderful opportunity.

Dovi Bezner’s Future Plans

Dovi Bezner's Future Plans - Metabuzz360

Dove’s only customer for now is The Island Boys. He wants to be sure that they have his whole attention and that he is thinking about what will be best for them in the long run.

Dovi Bezner and his brothers intend to create a fashion label soon. He claims that they are in discussions with a number of prominent fashion firms, including Fashion Nova.

Dovi, on the other hand, has stated that he wants to be cautious with their next actions and avoid taking any chances. The entertainment industry is harsh, and one wrong move can have disastrous implications for performers.

It’s impossible to predict where the Island Boys’ career will go from here, but the future looks promising. Fortunately, Dovi Bezner will assist in guiding these two towards a great career so that they can all benefit from what appears to be a highly successful venture.capability for two years, from the ages of 18 to twenty.

Dovi resorted to other charity endeavours after his stint in the army. For many years, he worked as a compliance officer in the field of fund distribution for several organisations around Israel.

Are The Island Boys Apart?

Are The Island Boys Apart (Dovi Bezner) - Metabuzz360

During the podcast, their old manager, “Poker The Jew,” admitted that The Island Boys had done him wrong.

“They owe me about $150,000,” he disclosed.

When one of the hosts inquired as to why they owed him money, Poker replied that it was his part of the money they made from producing Cameo videos for fans.

Poker also stated that they only receive money through Cameo but that they’ve pretty much run dry at this point.

Their stated financial difficulties, however, may be a thing of the past shortly. Back in April, it was stated that The Island Boys would compete in an influencer boxing reality programme in which they might win $1,000,000.

Dovi Bezner Takes Charge of The Island Boys

Dovi Bezner Takes Charge of The Island Boys - Metabuzz360

Because the rap duo is so fresh to the music business, word of their existence is still spreading. However, it is rapidly expanding.

Dovi Bezner has arranged many gigs across the country for the brothers, though no formal tour has been announced. But, while they wait for contracts with venues to be finalised, the band is hard at work creating fresh social media content and music.

Dovi and the Island Boys share mutual regard and trust for one another. After all, every effective manager-client relationship is built on trust.

How Much Money Are the Island Boys Making?

The Island Boys’ estimated net worth of $700,000 is the result of their success on social media.

They apparently earn more than $50,000 each month via brand partnerships, products, and advertising on TikTok, YouTube, Cameo, and other platforms.

  • -They have the Big Bag Ent channel on YouTube, which has more than 200k followers and 150+ million views. On average, YouTube pays $5 for every thousand views. For them, that is a dependable source of money.
  • -The combined following of the two brothers on TikTok is more than 3 million.
  • -On the website and mobile app Cameo, where you can ask celebrities for personalised video greetings, the cost for a personal video request is $80 and the cost for a business booking is up to $300.
  • -They offer their followers goods in the form of fashionable t-shirts, hoodies, posters, stickers, vests, etc.

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