Calculating Pipe Relining Costs: The Per-Metre Equation

When addressing damaged or deteriorated sewer pipes, pipe relining offers a cost-effective and efficient solution. However, understanding the expenses involved in pipe relining can be complex. One common approach to pricing pipe relining is by utilising the per-metre equation. In this blog, you can explore how the per-metre basis is used to calculate sewer pipe relining cost, shedding light on the factors that influence pricing and the benefits of this method.

The Per-Metre Pricing Concept: 

In the realm of pipe relining, the per-metre equation refers to calculating costs based on the length of the pipe that requires relining. This method allows for a more accurate and transparent approach to pricing, as it considers each project’s specific needs and dimensions. By measuring the length of the pipe that needs rehabilitation, pipe relining professionals can provide a tailored cost estimate for the relining process.

Factors Affecting Per-Metre Pricing: 

Several factors influence the per-metre pricing of pipe relining. Firstly, the type and size of the pipe play a significant role. Different materials, such as PVC, clay, or cast iron, may require varying techniques and materials for relining. Additionally, the diameter and accessibility of the pipe affect the complexity of the relining process and subsequently impact the overall cost.

The Benefits of this Method

Customised Solutions:

The per-metre equation allows for customised solutions based on the specific requirements of each pipe relining project. This tailored approach ensures that the pricing aligns with the needs of the pipe. By providing a cost estimate based on the length of the pipe, pipe relining professionals can optimise the resources and materials necessary for the job, leading to cost-effective solutions.

Transparency and Accuracy:

The per-metre pricing approach enhances transparency and accuracy in pipe relining cost estimation. Clients can have a clear understanding of how costs are calculated, as the price directly correlates with the length of the pipe. This transparent approach eliminates ambiguity and ensures that clients are aware of the cost implications associated with their specific project requirements.

Flexibility in Cost Estimation: 

The per-metre equation offers flexibility in cost estimation for pipe relining projects. Whether it is a short section of pipe that requires rehabilitation or an extensive network of pipes, the per-metre pricing method allows for adaptable cost calculations. This flexibility makes the per-metre equation suitable for both small-scale residential projects and large-scale commercial or municipal pipe-relining undertakings.


Opting for pipe relining based on the per-metre equation can provide long-term cost-effectiveness and savings. By addressing pipe issues early on and preventing further deterioration, pipe relining eliminates the need for extensive excavation and replacement. The per-metre pricing approach ensures that clients pay for the precise length of pipe being relined, avoiding unnecessary costs associated with traditional methods.

Professional Expertise: 

Engaging professional pipe relining services ensures that the expertise and quality assurance backs the per-metre pricing. Certified technicians accurately assess the pipes’ condition, provide a transparent breakdown of costs, and utilise industry-standard materials and techniques for the relining process. This expertise guarantees the longevity and effectiveness of the relined pipes, providing peace of mind for clients.


Calculating sewer pipe relining cost through the per-metre equation offers a transparent, accurate, and customised approach to pricing. By considering factors such as pipe type, size, and condition, pipe relining professionals can provide cost estimates that align with the specific needs of each project. The per-metre equation promotes cost-effectiveness, transparency, and long-term savings while ensuring high-quality solutions for damaged pipes. When considering pipe relining, exploring the per-metre pricing approach allows for informed decision-making and a more accurate assessment of the overall project costs.

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